Tarot card justice aries

House 5: Ruling Sign: Leo. Romance, Art, and Pleasure. Cross reference with House 7 and House 10 to see if it is likely to be about love or creativity.

ARIES ♈️ JUSTICE🤰AND PREGNANCY?? September 2019 Tarot Oracle Reading

House 6: Ruling Sign: Virgo. Health and Work.

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Day to day routine and work, health issues on every level; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. House 7: Ruling Sign: Libra. All partnerships including business and romantic ones, and your feelings towards them. Cross-reference with House 5. If house 7 is positive and house 5 is negative, then it might be a creative issue. House 8: Ruling Sign: Scorpio. Death, money, and sex.

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Look at the suit that shows up here, if it is swords or cups then it is likely to be some emotional issues and beliefs about these issues. Pentacles and wands show what your situation currently is. Major Arcana cards will show your current destiny to either love or resolve in these areas. House 9: Ruling Sign: Sagittarius.

Justice Tarot Card Meanings

Travel and far horizons. Long distance travel, long-term plans and education, changes in spiritual beliefs and mental attitudes. House Ruling Sign: Capricorn. Work and Career.

wasanegeto.ml Ambition, drive and career goals, approach to work and your talents. How you relate to your environment. House Ruling Sign: Aquarius. Friends and Social groups.

House Ruling Sign: Pisces. Secrets and what is hidden. In numerology , the number XI eleven is a master number representing psychic insight, dynamism, and higher guidance. The temple and throne have appeared before in the major arcana, in the Heirophant and High Priestess. These represent boundaries and suggest the energy of the card functions within set boundaries. The throne represents authority, and the violet curtain represents another boundary, albeit one that is dropped as one drops a curtain once justice has ruled in order for the just energy to expand out into the world.

Justice Card Meaning

The sword is held upright, signifying success, in the right hand, which is associated with yang , or active, assertive energy. The suit of swords in the tarot represents one of the four classical elements , air, which signifies the thought "I think. The scales, held in the left hand and associated with yin, or passive and yielding, energy, hold the balanced scales, which represent justice arising after carefully weighing all sides of an issue.


The woman's clothing and adornments are also symbolic. The crown represents authority while its jewel represents societal order. The robe is red, representing passion, while the mantle is green, representing love and the heart. This suggests justice needs to be meted out with authority from a position of passion and love in order to be truly compassionate and effective. The yellow background represents using discernment and knowledge, reinforcing the "I think" message. When Justice appears upright in a reading, it suggests if your choices and behaviors have been truthful, equanimous, and driven by the proper principles, then you will succeed in your endeavors as is just.

It also may suggest it is time to evaluate your life in order to ensure you are acting from a place of integrity as you move forward. It may also be showing you that you are currently balanced and in harmony. If you use reversals in readings, then reversed Justice may indicate you are out of balance.